Why You Should Move To The Cloud

The cloud without the cost

The cloud model of connectivity is brilliant because it allows a low barrier cost for entry for businesses without the upfront capital. It also allows larger companies to scale and cut costs by eliminating on-premise equipment.

Mitel Cloud-based communications services have taken cloud communications one step farther. They are keeping pace with the demands of the modern business by facilitating a mobile-first work environment. User-friendly interfaces and a built-in functionality that supports single-pain access for multiple tools, ensure today’s workforce can reach new levels of productivity. The trouble-free environment provides greater mobility, collaboration capabilities and redundant lines of communication that guarantee connection with business-critical systems.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of cloud communications is the ability to connect seamlessly through all platforms, which provides workers and clients with the mobility that today’s workforce requires. “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) is a common trend in the business workplace, and the cloud supports this. Another great benefit of cloud communications that simplifies the workflow of modern business is built-in analytics that management can use to track projects from anywhere at anytime.

There is no question that the cloud is enhancing communications and improving business continuity. However, transitioning applications, stored data, files, and folders to the cloud can be complicated. Navigating the process can be overwhelming to those on the outside.

The best way to make the move to the cloud is by partnering with a reliable and proven telecommunications leader. Warwick Inc. is the trusted partner of many for cloud migration. Our mission is to make your business perform like a well oiled machine, with the latest technology at your fingertips!

If you would like to know more on how the cloud can work for you, contact us today!