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Akron METRO is a public transportation system that transports more than five million passengers annually to work, school, medical appointments and more.

Akron METRO had a cumbersome communications system and equipment that needed updated every few years, which proved costly. They sought a cloud solution in order to better connect all three of their locations and minimize equipment costs. Because they weren’t happy with their provider, they started the RFP process.


Warwick submitted an RFP to Akron METRO and became one of three vendor finalists. Based on their trust in Warwick from a previous relationship (Akron METRO was a Warwick client a number of years prior) and the robustness of Warwick’s cloud offerings, Akron METRO engaged in a partnership with Warwick.

Within 6 months, Warwick had fully migrated Akron METRO to a strong cloud solution. They benefit from only paying for the service and the administration, minimizing equipment costs. With a cloud solution and ongoing support from Warwick, Akron METRO is able to maintain efficiency across all three locations in order to better serve the community.

How Warwick is handling the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) situation