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From the 1950’s to the 1990’s, Warwick spent several decades living and breathing telecommunications as experts at the forefront of the pioneering industry. However, as communications became intertwined with information technology, we grew and changed to accommodate the demands of these rapidly-evolving industries and become a “jack-of-all-trades” technology company. So what, exactly, do we do now?

We Consult

No matter your IT or communications question, we’ll find the answers you need. We are happy to serve as expert budget and strategy consultants on business communications, information technology and network projects. Whether we complete the work or not, you’ll benefit greatly from having a well-designed plan and expert advice as you move toward your project goals.

We Assess

We begin every project by using our front-end discovery process to learn all about your business: your customers, technology needs, employees, and much more. As part of this process, we will audit and assess the maturity of your current system and determine what needs to be added or changed in order to get you where you want to go.

We Strategize

Part two of our process, strategy comes into play only when we are certain we have a good grasp of your business’ current needs and long-term goals. Then, our knowledgeable system engineers will work together with your sales representative to strategize and design a custom system with the ideal components to fit your unique requirements. From there, we’ll continue to incorporate your feedback and refine the plan until we get it exactly right.

We Implement

In the final stage of a project, we’ll oversee and manage the implementation of your customized system, making certain that the results exceed your expectations. We will handle the installation every step of the way, dealing with any issues or surprises that may arise in the process. We believe that no project is complete until the customer is completely satisfied with the outcome.

We Manage

Warwick offers a full suite of managed services through which businesses can elect to outsource the proactive management of their communications, IT or network systems and equipment to us for an all-inclusive monthly fee. “As-a-service” models are ideal for busy business owners and in-house IT professionals who need to take a few things off their plate. If you’d like to reclaim some of your time and gain peace of mind, consider our managed service plans.

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