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As a hospitality professional, you’re in the business of providing comfort and convenience to your guests, and these days, a powerful internet connection, easy communication access and technological amenities are non-negotiable. You want to provide your guests and residents with a positive experience during their stay, and that experience shouldn’t include dealing with IT issues.

We Are Hospitality Experts

Warwick is a full-service business technology solutions provider. We design and implement custom communications systems for the hospitality industry. With customer experience as a hotel’s primary focus, providing the best in modern services is of the utmost importance.

Features provided by the solutions we offer include:

  • Workforce and workflow management solutions
  • Accurate call accounting and billing of all hotel services
  • Reliable and secure messaging software (guest wakeup calls in multiple languages and voice mail)
  • Mobile-first functionality that gives guests access to hotel services and allows them to communicate with hotel staff via their own smartphones
  • Location-aware services (hotels can market specific on-site restaurants, theaters, etc. to guests’ smartphones when guests are in close proximity to these guest services locations)

Whether you’re an independent hotel interested in a cost-effective hospitality communications solution that easily integrates with existing infrastructure, or a hotel management firm looking for the best technology-forward communications solutions to generate the highest level of guest satisfaction, we’re here to help. Contact us today to get started.