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Businesses in every industry are becoming more aware of their vulnerability to cyberattacks. Malware—especially ransomware, a type of malicious software that locks you out of your own files and requires ransom payment in order to regain access—is on the rise and growing in complexity every day. The delivery methods that attackers use are often creative, unexpected and, for the average person, difficult to guard against.

Cybersecurity for SMBs

Small and medium-sized companies are the most common targets, and they often have the hardest time recovering from an attack. Most SMBs simply do not have the resources to build or maintain a cybersecurity protocol that will provide adequate ongoing protection. Thankfully, Warwick’s Managed IT Security option allows businesses of all sizes to have a complex security solution and an entire team of dedicated IT experts to manage it, all for one consistent monthly price.

Solutions for the Modern Threat Landscape

Warwick will work with you to evaluate your current cybersecurity needs and reevaluate continuously as your business and industry evolve and the threat landscape changes. Our experts will put an effective unified threat management (UTM) and cybersecurity solution in place and monitor for any potential attacks 24/7/365. Let us:

  • Develop a plan that focuses on resiliency—not just prevention
  • Protect and back up your data so that ransomware attacks hold no threat
  • Monitor and prevent attacks from breaching your system
  • Help you quickly rebound from any breaches with minor or no downtime
  • Keep up with evolving requirements for compliance in your industry

In addition to our fully Managed IT Security option, Warwick offers the following services:

Employee Cyber Security Training – Train employees to spot suspicious phishing attempts and develop security protocols that protect the company from employees’ blind spots

Endpoint Security – Protect end-user laptops and mobile devices

Network Security – Protect your network from intrusion with firewalls, antivirus, and monitoring

Are you ready for true peace of mind when it comes to the security of your business’ network and data? Contact us today to get started.