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Often, businesses operate their communications, network and IT systems using an “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it” approach. Unfortunately, this often backfires in the form of emergency outages, lost productivity, corrupted or lost data and customer frustration. When it comes to the technology that keeps your business up and running on a daily basis, a proactive management approach is best.


The “as-a-Service” business model allows technology companies to provide businesses with a simpler, more proactive approach to IT and communications management. With managed services, a business can elect to have the technology company manage everything from equipment installation to the ongoing support and proactive management of the system, all for one monthly fee.


Data as a Service gives you access and insights like never before with the ability to easily integrate your system features and functions to create operating logic specific to your business needs and goals. Some of our Data as a Service offerings include:

  • Network monitoring
  • Virtual CIO
  • Security
  • Help desk
  • Business continuity


Using an in-depth analysis of your business’ challenges and goals, we’ll work with you to identify the best combination of technology and solutions that suit your specific needs. Voice-as-a-Service offers the best feature rich solutions and quality support, but eliminates the upfront expenditure and long term investment. It allows businesses to scale accordingly and maintain the most up to date technology. Voice-as-a-Service also makes it possible to avoid maintenance and break-fix costs, streamline data management and ultimately operate more efficiently. The bottom line is a top of the line solution and service that grows and upgrades with your business, all for one monthly payment!

Lattice: Warwick’s Answer to Managed Voice Services

Traditionally, a phone system is a huge investment and typically depreciates the moment it’s purchased. In addition to the costly upfront capital investment of the phone system, the cost of maintenance and ongoing support grows as the phone system ages. For many businesses, the cost of ownership just doesn’t make sense. With Lattice managed voice services, Warwick helps to solve this problem.

Lattice is a uniquely customized Voice-as-a-Service solution that is professionally and proactively managed by Warwick. We work with you to design the best system and service for your business, and cover it all with one simple monthly payment.

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We offer managed services that make voice, network and IT system management effortless for business owners and IT professionals. Contact us today to get started!