Local, Long Distance, Internet — Shop Around!

In today’s economy, every penny counts.  Today more than ever companies can benefit by performing an audit of the monthly communications expenses they incur.  A combination of increased competition, newer technology, and greater availability of bandwidth has created a buyer’s market.  Recent audits of mid-size businesses in the Cleveland market have uncovered savings potential in excess of 40% in some situations.

Where do all the savings come from?

  • Carriers are now offering bundled packages that offer discounts for moving all your services to a single carrier.
  • Local service from competitive carriers now offer unlimited local calling, this can translate into a large amount of savings for any size client.
  • Long distance rates have tumbled over the last three years, if you are paying more than .05 per minute, you are paying too much.  In many cases you can get up to 5000 minutes for free!
  • Prices have dropped significantly for T-1 circuits that are used for Internet access.  These circuits can be provided by a new carrier at a lower rate, or even replaced by a high speed DSL, cable, fiber, or Ethernet connection.  There are now more choices than ever when it comes to Internet access.

 Recognizing these market changes and opportunities for our clients, Warwick has created relationships that allow us to provide quotes from more than twenty five local, regional, and national service providers.  Best of all, this service does not cost our clients a penny.  Click the request a consultation link at the bottom of this page to schedule an audit today!

Submitted by:  Ryan Shorts


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