What Does a Managed Security Service Provider Do?

mss for businesses

Today’s cybercriminals are far too advanced for your company to rely solely on security technology. While antivirus, anti-malware, and firewall software were once the standard in data and network security, the advanced threats that exist now require a more aggressive preemptive approach than these technologies can provide.

To make sense of why your company needs a managed security service provider (MSSP or MSS), it helps to understand the current threat landscape.

2022 Cybersecurity Trends For Businesses

Cyberattacks have increased fourfold since the start of the pandemic. Why?

  • More reliance on the Cloud: As many companies shifted to a remote work environment, the need for Cloud computing increased exponentially.
  • Users’ guards are down: Information security isn’t generally at the forefront of employees’ minds, which results in a lack of diligence when vetting websites, emails, and other social engineering attempts.
  • Ransomware is proving profitable: When companies’ backs are against the wall, they’re likely to pay to protect user data.
  • Increased e-commerce activity: We all know that online shopping soared through the pandemic. What’s worrisome is that 83% of the largest U.S. retailers have online vulnerabilities. What’s even more concerning is that immediate security issues are present in 43% of these companies.

4 Reasons Your Business Needs an MSSP

Ultimately, managed security providers offer a more holistic approach to identifying and protecting against cyber threats. Find out the difference a security solution can make in your organization.

1. Greater threat intelligence and security monitoring

Cyber threats are constantly looming and are growing more advanced, which means they’re getting harder and harder to identify. Your business is never not at risk, so you need around-the-clock threat monitoring and support. When you work with an MSSP, you can trust that they’re working towards greater data, network, and cloud security in real-time and the future.

2. Vulnerability management

Protecting against known security threats is challenging enough — but let’s not forget that most organizations cannot pinpoint their pitfalls in this realm. IT security expertise is invaluable when it comes to vulnerability scanning. You can expect them to complete an assessment of your IT infrastructure and have a plan of attack for remediation.

3. Faster incident response

Generally, companies aren’t reacting fast enough during security events. Immediate threat detection puts you in a much greater position to identify and overcome an attack.

4. Network of tools and security experts

Managed detection and response requires at least a handful of individuals hyperfocused on this aspect of your business. Many companies do not have the resources to pay for a team of security analysts, so there is definitely a cost savings benefit of outsourcing to an MSSP. Plus, you’ll have access to their suite of data protection tools at no additional expense.

Identifying and responding to a security incident has to be a priority for the modern business owner. Without the right cybersecurity protocol in place, you’re risking your data and your customers.

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