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A network is multiple computers connected together in order to share information, resources and files between them. Not only does computer networking involve the design and configuration of a network, but the ongoing maintenance of the network as well including monitoring, optimization and upgrades.

As technologies have evolved, networking has too. While networking used to be a bunch of desktop computers connected by wires and cables, these days networking includes wireless systems and connections and other advanced technologies.

Why is networking so important?

If you run a business, it’s probably pretty apparent how important computer networking is. Put simply, networking impacts everything – from applications to backup and recovery tools, from the way your team communicates to the way important information is stored.

Benefits of computer networking

The right networking solution can help your business grow and evolve. Not only does it allow staff to share information effortlessly, increasing productivity and efficiency, other benefits include cost effectiveness, storage efficiency, flexibility and data security.

Ensuring your network measures up

As the IT environment becomes more distributed and evolves, the more vulnerable and weak networks will become if not properly addressed. Dated, legacy networking technology may not be up to par. And, because the network impacts so many aspects of the way a business operates, it should be a main priority.

An MSP will not only get to know your unique needs and configure your network accordingly, we will ensure you’re always up and running at optimal levels.

Do you have the right network solution in place? Contact us and we’ll help you figure it out!

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