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A business phone system is a big investment. And in today’s age especially, business phones do so much more than just make and receive calls. They are your company’s lifeline – connecting employees to each other and to customers.

When beginning to shop around, be sure to educate yourself on exactly what to look for so you can make a decision that benefits your business’ productivity, customer service and even the bottom line.


Businesses grow and change. Hiring additional employees or expanding into new locations or markets means adding additional phones. Ensure this is easy and cost effective to do.


Your phone system’s features should make communication simple and effective. If you have employees in multiple offices, conference calling technology is vital. If you have a call center, features such as call recording, call queues or reporting might be important. Think about the features that are absolutely necessary for your employee’s productivity and don’t settle for anything less.


More and more, workforces desire flexibility. Call forwarding and digital voicemail are just two features that make desk phones and mobile phones work seamlessly together. This allows employees to work remotely as needed without missing a beat.


It’s important to think about the total cost of ownership when shopping for a new phone system, including upfront and ongoing costs. Some systems have a higher upfront cost but don’t require as much to maintain. Others have a minimal upfront cost but may require more money to keep up and running. Be sure to work with a trusted telecommunications company who can help you consider all options.

Vendor trust

Like any major purchase, you’ll want to research the brands you are considering. You wouldn’t buy a car by a brand you haven’t fully vetted and the same should go for your phone system. Choose a trusted brand that offers the features and support your business demands.

Distributor reliability

Working with a knowledgeable and reliable telecommunications company will ensure that all of your options are clearly laid out for you. Consider partnering with a local company who has a great reputation and will work to best understand your unique needs. The right company can also provide managed services, or ongoing, guaranteed and fully-managed IT work for a set monthly fee. Managed services include cybersecurity management, business continuity services, day-to-day IT tasks and more.

In the market for a new business phone system? Look no further than Warwick. Through our relationships, experience and unique discovery process, we’ve earned respect as a trusted telecommunications partner who can help you make an informed decision.

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