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Let’s begin by clarifying, Mitel® MiCloud Business is an affordable and feature-rich phone system for small to mid-sized businesses. Fully hosted, maintained and supported by Mitel, you receive great call quality, industry-leading reliability and an easy-to-manage phone system with no upfront costs.

The top concerns regarding cloud-based business communications solutions are call quality, reliability, costs, and ease of use.

Warwick has over 70 years experience in the telecommunications industry, and when we see a good product, we know it! We also know the main concerns customers have regarding cloud-based communications solutions.  The first concerns is the quality of the call. It is only natural to assume that calls made with a business phone will have a reliable high-quality voice capability. It is frustrating and difficult to deal with calls with a lot of static. Yet, without the right broadband Internet connections, they can and will happen, especially during high volume calling periods.

Warwick has observed the Mitel MiCloud Business solution used with the proper broadband Internet connection and is extremely impressed with the clarity and quality of every phone call. You couldn’t find a more reliable cloud-based solution. Warwick also likes the business growth flexibility that this solution provides. For a business that does not want to make a major investment in an on-premise solution with all the equipment (which can be more costly), this is a good option because it does not compromise on features or functionality. This solution has the ability to unify all devices that employees use throughout the day, increase productivity, provide reliable customer service, and simplify a “work from anywhere lifestyle.”

These are a few amazing features of the MiCloud solution:

CONFERENCING – schedule a conference call and invite your colleagues and customer directly from your desktop or mobile app.

PRESENCE – know whether people are available, stepped away from their desk, or out of the office and choose the best mode to reach them.

INSTANT MESSAGING – get what you need with a simple chat to your colleagues.

UNIFIED MESSAGING – check voicemails, fax, and call recording services directly from the desktop or mobile app. You can even email messages as wav. files to listen to on your computer if you choose.

SOFTPHONE – enjoy the same intuitive communications management that you would experience in the office from a remote PC or laptop with an embedded software-based IP phone.

ATTENDANT CONSOLE – get rich presence information for multitasking attendants, receptionists and administrators.

INTEGRATION WITH BUSINESS APPLICATIONS – enhance your other communications and productivity tools, such as Outlook, Microsoft Office, and Google.

Warwick is confident that with Mitel’s tier 4 data centers supporting the cloud network, the solution is reliable. The brains of the solution reside in the geo-redundant data centers, which continue to provide service even in the chance that an event takes one down. Information and voice calls transverse the public internet to reach their final destination using voice over Internet protocols (VoIP). Some customers may elect to use computer soft phones with a headset, and therefore will not need a single piece of hardware, otherwise we provide a variety of Mitel desktop phones. Employees receive the same communication functionality regardless if they are in an office, on the road, or working from home.

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