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Ways to Protect your Hotel Guest’s Information
March 11, 2019

When a guest enters your hotel, they expect to be safe. This may mean hiring 24/7 security, utilizing mobile room keys or having a disaster recovery plan in place in the case of a weather-related emergency. All of these things are great, and will do wonders in keeping your guest’s physically out of harm’s way. […]

You have a Disaster Recovery Plan but are you Maximizing its Benefit?
February 19, 2019

You know the benefit of a disaster recovery plan and hopefully, you have one in place (if not, you need to contact us!). However, the work doesn’t stop there. A lot needs to happen after you finalize your plan in order for it to continuously work effectively and benefit your organization in the event of […]

When was the Last Time you Completed a Network Assessment?
February 6, 2019

A reliable network is one of the core foundations of your business. When your network isn’t functioning optimally, neither are your employees or your organization as a whole. Network assessments: the key to a high performing network A network assessment is a review of your organization’s existing IT infrastructure, security and processes. It provides a […]

New Year, New System: The Dangers of Using Outdated Technology
January 21, 2019

When vendors announce end-of-life (EOL) status for their products, they are indicating that the product is in the end of its useful life and they will stop marketing and selling it. Additionally, the vendor may reduce or completely end support for the product. By continuing to operate with antiquated, EOL equipment, you put your business […]

How to Attract Conferences to your Hotel by Offering the Right Technology
January 10, 2019

Booking a conference or large corporate meeting at your hotel is one of the quickest ways to fill rooms and generate revenue. These days, many hotels have large ballrooms and typical meeting rooms available. So, what can you do to stand out from the competition? Along with discounted room rates, a business center, competitive food […]

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