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With business IT services and communications needs growing at a staggering rate, so are the number of available products and services. Warwick relies on the comprehensive expertise of Major Accounts Executive, Doug Mason, to exceed customer expectations in the selection of the right technology.

Doug is an Ohio native, graduating from Miami University with a degree in Finance, and earning his MBA from Case Western Reserve University.  Doug found his niche in the Information Technology field, having spent the last 16 years successfully helping clients with their telecommunications and software needs.

Knowing what technology will best serve an organization’s IT and communications needs can be intimidating for those outside the industry.  Communications service and equipment affects the operations of the entire company, and organizations expect faster connections and instant results. Through years of IT and business communications experience, Doug has mastered tailoring technology solutions to meet a company’s business objectives.  He has assisted companies of all sizes build systems that bring together IT services and voice equipment in a manner that eliminates roadblocks and speeds up internal processes for organizations of just about any size.

Doug encourages top level management to evaluate how their employees work, specifically the tools they need to do their jobs. Asking these critical questions can uncover how communications are affecting performance:

  • Is collaborating on information real-time with multiple parties a helpful step in the process?
  • Do employees need to be mobile?
  • Do some employee activities have a greater impact on the revenue stream than others? If so, how can that be better leveraged?

Additionally, Doug also looks at the possible impact unified communications and collaboration (UCC) may have on business’s communications. He stresses that while telephone communication has been the main tool of communication in past years, email, chat, and text are rapidly catching up. These simple improvements can easily be served and managed through Warwick.


Doug can be contacted to answer any related questions or provide a consultation.



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